This is my eighth book and has to do with further helping Americans stay young, and presenting them with a powerful tool to combat killer diseases. In my previous books, primarily in the financial area, I discuss the weakness of the U.S. banking system, including newly instituted “bail in” program, hyperinflation, and expatriation. This book is different. It relates my true story upon taking a mega dose of adult stem cells (300,000,000) on January 2, 2016.

For those looking for a way to perhaps pay for stem cell therapy, which is not cheap, I offer a free download of my recent bestseller: THE COMING GOLD & SILVER SHARE EXPLOSION! The book describes the investment program that I personally used (for 18 years). It's is simple and easy to administer. Performance-wise over the past 17 years (2001-18), it has been second to none, having gained a whopping 1,295% (21.. For a free download of this book, tap here. (Then check your downloads).



BIOGRAPHY John Miller is a Graduate of Georgetown University with a Master’s Degree In Public Administration. John served as an artillery army spotter-pilot during the Viet Nam Era (serving in both Korea & the U.S). After military service, he began his career on Wall Street, working for many of Wall Street's firms (Dean Witter, Interstate Securities & Lehman Brothers).


After twenty years in the securities business, he started his own investment firm, Miller &Associates. The firm, a Registered Investment Adviser, caters to the very small investor.The firm began operations in Florida, and subsequently relocated to Maui, Hawaii. John also moderates the Investment Club International. This is an Internet social, & educational investment club, with over 2,000 members worldwide, and is free.


He writes a monthly newsletter for the club, and does his best to answer questions from the membership.

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                     FOREVER YOUNG

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Stem Cells & Anti Aging

John Miller

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In general, John Miller has been a financial adviser for 25 years, and has written 7 financial best sellers. Your audience will also receive a free Kindle download of his latest book: Forever Young, My True Stem Cell Story. Miller has been featured on the Mancow Morning Show, the Joe Bartlett Show, the Financial Survival Network, The Phil Hulette Show, The Roy Richards Show, The Kevin Short Show, and other radio shows nationwide.




John is a Graduate of Georgetown University with a Master’s Degree In Public Administration. He served as an artillery army spotter-pilot officer during the Viet Nam Era (serving in both Korea & the U.S).


After military service, he began his career on Wall Street, working for many of Wall Street's firms (Dean Witter, Shields & Co., Interstate Securities & Lehman Brothers). After a few years on Wall Street, he went to Med school, but soon after, return to his love interest, Wall Street. He now runs his own financial firm in Maui, Hawaii, serving the small investor. Besides writing books, he moderates the Investment Club International, with over 2,000 members (educational in nature).

In his life's accomplishments, he lists three things which he is proud of: providing for his family, beating Warren Buffet investment performance-wise over the past 18 years, and in 2016, by example, proving that stem cells can take 30 years off one's appearance.

Questions For The Host

Stem cells are special kind of cells that have the ability to replicate and regenerate
themselves. These cells can also disintegrate into many other kinds of specialized tissues
and cells in the human body. The most important role of stem cells is to provide your body
with new cells and replace the dying, damaged and old ones every day.
When stem cells are diminished in your body, the number of dying and old cells continues
to increase. Thus, there’s a lack of newly generated cells. This can lead to several effects of
aging. Due to this, stem cell therapy is used to increase the number of stem cells in your
body. This is an excellent method to fight various effects and signs of aging.

Impact of Stem Cells on Your Health
Stem cells are considered excellent for healthy aging and wellness. The therapy makes
sure the number of new cells generated in your body is able to compensate the old cells
removed from the body. If you want the method to work, you need a good number of stem
cells. The number may be in millions.
The human body is unable to produce such a huge amount of stem cells on a daily basis.
Therefore, stem cells are produced and expanded in a sterile and clean laboratory before
injecting them into your body. This makes sure your body receives the same numbers and
quality every time.

The Importance of Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Mesenchymal Stem Cells is another term for human stem cells that demonstrate the
capacity to transform into other tissue types, including blood vessels, nerves, heart muscle,
collagen-producing cells, cartilage, fat tissue, bone, kidney cells, insulin-producing cells,
skin and liver cells.

In addition to this, Mesenchymal Stem Cells are considered immunoprivileged. This means
MSCs aren’t killed by your body’s existing cells. They don’t even cause a reaction. Last but
not the least, MSCs carry a wide range of hormones and growth factors that help the
body’s host cells to rejuvenate and recharge.

The convenience of Stem Cell Therapy
The best part about the Stem Cell Therapy process is the simplicity and convenience. Your
stem cells are administered at the clinic or hospital through a standard saline drip before
getting infused in the vein. The process is less painful and more e􀀩ective than deep
intramuscular injections. It takes only 15-30 minutes to complete the process. In case you
suffer from hay fever or allergies, you may be given a prophylactic injection.
It’s very important to understand the objectives and nature of Stem Cell Therapy. Your
doctor will assess your condition thoroughly to make sure you’re eligible for the treatment.
The assessment may include a blood test, questionnaire, functional and imaging tests.
Such tests are only conducted at the beginning of your therapy. They are repeated on a
semi-annual or annual basis to assess your condition.



Autism Treatment

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment



Erectile Dysfunction

Spinal Muscular Atrophy(sma)

Cardiac/Heart Treatment

Muscular Dystrophy Treatment


If any of the above diseases are a concern for you, a family member or a friend, please contact me I'll provide you with a list of those hospitals that I have found to excel in that particular disease. Not only first class, 5 star hospitals around the world, but those that are reasonably priced. I have lived the experience, and will be most glad to help you through yours. My E-Mail is: and my phone number in the U.S. is: 727 564 9416 (free call).

Stem Cell Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is when patients travel to other countries to seek medical care for procedures not available in their own countries or for much less cost.

State-of-the-art facilities in many countries now rival, or even exceed, what you may find at your local hospital, often for a fraction of the cost, with many more treatment options, and often significantly less waiting times for major procedures. It is estimated that last year alone, over 2 million Americans went abroad for medical treatment, including stem cell treatments.

For a personal account of the positive potential of being a “medical tourist,” read "Going Abroad to Find Affordable Heath Care" by stem cell patient Breet Flashnick from South Carolina. Don Margolis calls this “the best, most accurate USA article I’ve seen on medical tourism.”

The finest Hospitals & Clinics

While writing the book, it was my fortune to have visited many of the world's hospital's and Clinics specializing in Adult Stem Cell treatment. You can rest assured that your personalized in-treatment experience will be the safest, most pleasant, and most affordable available in the world today.






What Diseases Can Be Treated With Stem Cells Today?


Cerebral Palsy

Parkinsons Disease

Crohns Disease


Arterial Hypertension

Developmental Delay

Rheumatoid Arthritis

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                                    Financial Survival Network, Host Kerry Lutz.
Middle Age Can Be Your Best Years, Roy Richards Host.

My appearance, 2nd half of the Mp3


                      MY OTHER BOOKS

Below are my books written during the past five years. They are complimentary to all members of Linked In. Just send me an E-Mail, letting me know the title, along with your E-mail, and I'll get the E-Book off to you.

Why did you write the book?

Did your stem cells work right away?

When did you first notice that you were getting younger looking?

Did others notice this?

What changes did you notice first, and now?

Are you still looking younger, or did the stem cells stop working?

Do you still have the aches and pains of an older guy?

How much did your procedure cost in 2016?

How much today?

Which hospitals in the world today do you recommend?

Do stem cells work on cancer?

What other diseases do stem cells work on successfully.

Is you photo "photo shopped or real?

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